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Sippy Spoon™ - Spoon Feeding Bottle

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“I wish I had this for my other 2 kids! It’s so convenient to have for any occasion! Parties, Day at the beach, camping, night out to the restaurant, vacations, park wherever it’s so easy just fill it up take along and it’s ready to go. The flow comes out great nice and easy. Cleaning is very easy as well! I would and I already have recommended it to numerous moms and moms to be that I know, even some I don’t know! One of my best purchases!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Christine Rainier
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Introducing solids to babies' diets can be challenging as they are in the process of developing their coordination skills. Using traditional bottles may lead to spills and stains, making the feeding process troublesome. The constant mess associated with every meal can cause feelings of irritation and annoyance, creating an additional layer of stress that takes away from the joyous moments of parenthood. 

Presenting Sippy Spoon™, the feeding companion designed to ease the trouble of messy mealtimes. This feeding bottle features a spoon attachment that provides a smoother transition from liquid to semi-solid foods, aiding in the weaning process. Experience the ease of parenting as each feeding moment becomes a source of joy and connection with Sippy Spoon™.



✅ DUAL FUNCTIONALITY: Sippy Spoon™ seamlessly combines the functionality of a traditional bottle with the convenience of a spoon attachment. The easy switch between bottle and spoon-feeding allows versatility in accommodating children's evolving preferences.

✅ EASY CLEANING: The silicone material provides effortless cleaning, adding a touch of convenience to the parenting routine. Simplify post-meal cleanup with Sippy Spoon™, making it easy to maintain hygiene and foster a stress-free feeding experience.

Sippy Spoon™ is designed to ease babies into solid foods, providing a comfortable and gradual introduction to new textures. This transition support makes the weaning process smoother and more enjoyable.

✅ MESS-FREE JOY: Sippy Spoon™ features a hole on the spoon attachment, ensuring smooth food flow when the bottle is squeezed. This contributes to a cleaner and hassle-free feeding process.

With its compact and portable design, Sippy Spoon™ assures nourishment wherever the day unfolds. Experience the freedom of on-the-go feeding without compromising convenience.

✅ PORTION CONTROL: Sippy Spoon comes with a built-in-scale constructed for exact portion control. Enjoy the precision of Sippy Spoon™ with confident measuring, ensuring each feeding contributes to babies' healthy development.

Whether it's feeding on the go, messy spills, or a child's refusal to cooperate, we understand the frustrations parents face during mealtime struggles. It can be disheartening to envision precious bonding moments turning into stressful clean-up sessions, as spills disrupt the joy of feeding your little one. A recent study shows that 80% of parents encounter challenges when introducing solids, emphasizing the widespread need for an effective feeding solution.

Sippy Spoon™ was crafted to be the ultimate companion for mess-free and joyful feeding experiences. With its unique spoon attachment, Sippy Spoon™ ensures hassle-free feeding, seamlessly combining convenience and innovation. Elevate the parenting journey with Sippy Spoon™, turning each feeding moment into a peaceful and cherished experience.


[1] X Bottle Feeder
[1] X Spoon Attachment
[1] X Nipple Attachment


Bottle Feeder Height: 16.5 cm
Bottle Feeder Width: 5 cm


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