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We at Happy Pets believe in high quality and exceptional customer service. But most importantly, we believe shopping is a right, not a luxury, so we strive to deliver the best products at the most affordable prices, and ship them to you regardless of where you are located.

  • "Phoebe loves a new toy, and this one completely captivated her! She just can't figure out why she can't pick it up and run away with it, but she keeps trying. Then she just lies down next to it and rests. Then she tries again! She loves to grab it both by the rope and by the ball itself, though the ball is a bit big except for the largest dogs to get their whole jaws around. It's a great variation from all her other toys."

    - Zemo Trevathan

  • "I heavily debated which cover I wanted for my first nice car, and I liked the pink (and coupon it had attached to it)! It was super easy to install and I love the side flap where you can tuck in. That keeps every part of your back seat clean, and the high top makes it so she won't jump up front! It has already trapped so much mud, and you can clean it easily with a wet rag."

    - Shannon

  • "My cat ignores everything I buy for him except this bed. He got in it as soon as I released it from the vacuum packed bag and he made biscuits. A few hours later I found this. He usual sleeps in different areas of the house according to his mood, but since I bought this bed he has been ONLY sleeping in it. I can't rate the ease of cleaning yet or durability because we haven't had it that long, but it seems like it will hold up to my kitty's loving it. I'm glad I bought it."

    - Barb H

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