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MyFelt World™ - Felt Board Stories Set

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“My Grandson LOVE this wall activity! He is obsessed with Cows, horses...anything on a farm. The "Farm" was super light. Hung on the wall with temporary/easy release no damage to walls”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Christopher D'urbano
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In early childhood education, instilling a love for learning is crucial for building a foundation of lifelong curiosity and academic success. However, the limited tools that blend interactivity and education create a void, leaving unmet potential as traditional methods struggle with diverse learning styles. This limitation can evoke feelings of frustration, with the recognition that children’s potential remains untapped.

Introducing MyFelt World™, a versatile tool meticulously crafted to provide an engaging adventure for young learners. With hands-on interactive experience, MyFelt World™ allows children to explore various subjects, enhance creativity, and develop essential cognitive skills. Foster an environment where children not only absorb information but actively participate in shaping the educational journey.



✅ CREATIVITY ENHANCEMENT: MyFelt World™ provides a blank canvas felt board for imaginative exploration, allowing children to design unique scenes tailored to creative visions. The customization feature fosters a sense of ownership and uniqueness in each child's play experiences.

✅ ACTIVE PARTICIPATION: With velcro pieces that effortlessly adhere to the felt board, MyFelt World™ actively involves children in hands-on exploration. The tactile experience encourages active participation as children bring imaginative worlds to life, enhancing both motor skills and the joy of learning.

MyFelt World™ orchestrates a multi-sensory marvel with vibrant colors, tactile velcro pieces, and the soft touch of the felt board. This fosters a memorable play experience that engages all senses by stimulating sight, touch, and creativity simultaneously.

✅ MESS-FREE FUN: MyFelt World™ brings the joy of mess-free fun to life as velcro pieces effortlessly adhere to the felt board, ensuring a clean and tidy play environment. This design provides a stress-free avenue for endless enjoyment, allowing children to explore creativity.

A rich and lively color palette adorns both the board and pieces, captivating young minds. With vibrant colors, MyFelt World works to stimulate children's visual senses and cultivate color recognition skills, sparking curiosity and creativity.

We understand the challenges of providing an effective learning environment for children. Witnessing your child's enthusiasm for learning met with limited resources can be frustrating, prompting the search for interactive tools that genuinely capture their attention. A recent study shows that 65% of children lack access to interactive learning tools, leaving a substantial gap in their educational journey.

Discover the perfect solution in MyFelt World™, crafted to ignite children's love for learning. Through its interactive and tactile design, this felt board set sparks creativity and encourages hands-on exploration, allowing children to immerse themselves in the joy of education. Experience an elevated educational journey with MyFelt World™, where each day unfolds with joyous discovery.


[1] X Dinosaur Felt Board
[37] X Dinosaaur Velcro Pieces
[1] X Farm Felt Board
[38] Farm Velcro Pieces
[1] X Zoo Felt Board
[42] X Zoo Velcro Pieces
[1] X Sea Felt Board
[45] X Sea Velcro Pieces
[1] X Animal Felt Board
[54] X Animal Velcro Pieces


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