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AirBoost Pro™ - Lung Capacity Trainer

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“Product works perfectly. As a soldier in the Army, this has prepared me for the ACFT as well as hiking through terrain. Trust me it’s worth the purchase. If your level of endurance is minimal, allow this to be a jump start.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Perry Fontenot
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In a world where every breath counts, even the simplest tasks can feel like monumental struggles. Experiencing the issues of breathlessness even after light activities can be incredibly frustrating, igniting exhaustion and helplessness. These limitations turn every breath into a challenge filled with anxiety and a profound sense of defeat

Presenting AirBoost Pro™, a trainer designed to enhance respiratory strength. Featuring adjustable resistance levels, AirBoost Pro™ allows customized breathing exercises, matching specific needs and fitness levels. Experience a dramatic improvement in endurance, resulting in a healthier and more vibrant quality of life.



✅ WIDE-RANGE USE: Whether it's light exercises or simple breath control practices, AirBoost Pro™ can easily adapt to the activity. This flexibility supports diverse training goals, from increasing lung capacity to enhancing overall stamina and relaxation.

✅ IMPROVED LUNG CAPACITY: Effortlessly adjust resistance levels with the rotating valve, promoting better breath control and lung capacity improvement. Optimize the training experience with AirBoost Pro™, enhancing overall respiratory health.

✅ PORTABLE DESIGN: With its compact size and lightweight construction, AirBoost Pro™ is perfect for carrying around. This allows for consistent training sessions and enhanced breathing techniques even while on the go, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

✅ EASY TO CLEAN: AirBoost Pro™ disassembles simply into parts for easy cleaning, promoting long-term hygiene needs. This hassle-free maintenance prolongs the trainer’s lifespan, ensuring continued effectiveness in improving respiratory health.

With its strong elasticity, AirBoost Pro™ ensures reliability, making each workout worry-free. The sturdy build instills confidence, allowing full engagement to be achieved in each training session.

COMFORTABLE USE: Featuring an integrated bite design, this trainer offers enhanced comfort and usability during workouts. AirBoost Pro™ promotes proper alignment and engagement of respiratory muscles, yielding greater improvements in lung capacity.

We recognize the frustration and daily challenges that older adults face, especially poor lung capacity. It can be upsetting, to struggle to catch your breath during a simple yoga session, unable to enjoy nor engage in the practice fully. A recent study reveals that 40% of individuals worldwide experience respiratory difficulty, impacting their quality of life.

AirBoost Pro™ is the ultimate companion for the respiratory health and training journey. Its versatile design seamlessly integrates into daily routines, allowing for effortless progress tracking. With AirBoost Pro™, experience enhanced respiratory strength and welcome the newfound sense of confidence it brings.


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