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Soccer Stars™ - Tabletop Game

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“This game is so much fun! My family and I are big soccer fans, so this game was a great addition. It’s great for both adults and kids!!! It’s super easy to use and great for entertaining. The size and quality of the game are perfect.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jannette
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Many games are designed with specific age brackets in mind, creating exclusions and disengagement. This struggle can lead to fragmented family fun, limiting the opportunities for shared activities that promote bonding across generations. The absence of shared joy and lack of bonding leave feelings of disconnection and distance among loved ones.

Presenting Soccer Stars™, a dynamic tabletop game that merges the exhilaration of soccer with the heartwarming essence of family bonding. Soccer Stars™ features a unique inclusive design that caters to players of all ages, ensuring every family member actively participates. Rediscover the joy of shared activities, create lasting memories, and rekindle family traditions with Soccer Stars™.



✅ SCREEN-FREE ENTERTAINMENT: The game's user-controlled handles offer an interactive and hands-on gaming experience. By providing a welcomed break from screen time, Soccer Stars™ promotes a healthy balance in digital lifestyle.

✅ SOCIAL INTERACTION: Soccer Stars™ is a two-player game, encouraging face-to-face interaction. Such design contributes to lively conversations, teamwork, and shared laughter, fostering social bonds that go beyond the tabletop pitch.

 With its compact tabletop design, Soccer Stars™ turns any indoor space into a lively soccer arena. The indoor soccer experience adds an exciting new dimension to the daily routine.

✅ MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES: Soccer Stars™ incorporates an innovative manual scorer, allowing players to actively track goals. With every goal becomes a celebrated achievement, filled with lasting joy and connection.

The Soccer Stars™ game only needs four quick and easy steps to be set up. Maximize the time spent enjoying the game together, making every moment count in daily enjoyment.

✅ ALL AGES: With its simple yet strategic gameplay, Soccer Stars™ ensures that all ages can actively participate in the excitement of the game. This not only creates a harmonious blend of generations but also fosters a sense of unity.


We understand the challenges parents face in today's fast-paced world, where discovering engaging activities to unite the family can be a struggle. It can be difficult to strike the right balance between captivating both parents and children while fostering that essential bond amid the chaos of daily life. A recent study shows that 85% of families seek accessible and engaging activities to enhance their time together, highlighting a shared longing for meaningful connections within households.

Soccer Stars™, the ultimate family solution, turns any space into a dynamic soccer arena where victories are marked by strategic moves and shared laughter. Crafted for all ages, this tabletop game ensures that every goal and match becomes a source of joyous celebration, bringing loved ones together in a shared experience. Revel in the unmatched satisfaction as Soccer Stars™ not only sparks lasting memories but also cultivates a harmonious blend of strategy and familial unity.



Small Tabletop Game Length: 42 cm
Small Tabletop Game Width: 21 cm
Small Tabletop Game Height: 9 cm
Large Tabletop Game Length: 56.8 cm
Large Tabletop Game Width: 27.7 cm
Large Tabletop Game Height: 11.1 cm


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