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Smiley Sparkles™ - U-Style Toothbrush

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“It was a hassle to get my 3 yr old to brush her teeth..Once I showed her how fun this one was she caved in, now she loves to brush her teeth! She giggles everytime at how cute the lil animal is and the vibrations on her gums..
Most of all, she loves to feel like she’s a big girl brushing all by herself… Thank you so much!!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jessica J.
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In parenthood establishing a consistent oral care routine for children can be a challenge. Many children resist brushing, turning a necessary task into a daily battle. Traditional toothbrushes frequently lack appeal, placing oral health at risk and potentially instilling negative associations with brushing in children. 

Introducing Smiley Sparkles™, the electric toothbrush designed to turn brushing into playtime. The vibrating bristles create a tickling sensation, adding an element of excitement to each brush stroke. Enjoy pearly white smiles of accomplishment as children embrace the happiness of oral care with Smiley Sparkles™.


✅ BRUSHING FUN: Smiley Sparkles™ features gentle vibrations that turn brushing into a playful adventure. With every use, children will delight in the fun and excitement, transforming a chore into a cherished daily ritual.

✅ THOROUGH CLEANING: The U-shaped design of Smiley Sparkles™ provides thorough cleaning, reaching every nook and cranny effortlessly. This delivers a pristine finish while instilling confidence in maintaining optimal oral health.

Meticulously crafted from premium food-grade silicone, Smiley Sparkles™ features a soft brush head. Immerse in a healthier oral care routine, where gentle care meets the highest safety standards.

✅ SMART CHARGE: Smiley Sparkles™ is equipped with intelligent DC charging for an impressive 15-day endurance. Experience uninterrupted oral care along with the convenience of a reliable power supply, creating a hassle-free brushing routine.

By withstanding a high level of water resistance during bath time, Smiley Sparkles™ ensures durability in wet conditions. Add a splash of fun to brushing by bringing the toothbrush into the bath, creating positive associations with hygiene.

✅ GENTLE BRUSHING: Smiley Sparkles™ goes the extra mile to protect children’s delicate teeth with the silicone mouthpiece's thin and soft bristles. Ensure comfort by prioritizing dental health and laying the foundation for a lifetime of smiles.

We understand the daily battle of coaxing children into a healthy oral care routine. It can be tiring, trying to navigate through resistance and protests during the crucial bedtime routine. A recent study organized by pediatric dental experts reveals that 68% of children struggle with maintaining consistent oral care routines.

Embrace the gentle touch of Smiley Sparkles™, crafted to bring joy to children’s oral care. Its soft food-grade silicone ensures not just a clean, but a comfortable and effective brushing session. Enjoy the daily triumphs of parenthood with Smiley Sparkles™, with an oral care routine that will brighten smiles to last a lifetime.


[1] X U-Shaped Silicone Mouthpiece
[1] X Electric Toothbrush


2-6 Years Old Silicone Mouthpiece Length: 1.53 in
2-6 Years Old Silicone Mouthpiece Width: 1.96 in
6-12 Years Old Silicone Mouthpiece Length: 1.53 in
6-12 Years Old Silicone Mouthpiece Width: 2.28 in
Electric Toothbrush Length: 2.3 in
Electric Toothbrush Width: 2.28 in

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